Hello there, I’m Roze. I’m the owner and operator of DD’s Succulents, Cacti & More. My name is not DD, but I answer to that now too. I know the punctuation can throw you off, but DD stands for Death’s Door. D’sD Succulents was too hard to say, let alone type. 
You see, I love succulents and cacti (to death sometimes). I started hoarding (buying) succulents eons ago, but when the pandemic hit- my addiction kicked into full gear. Rather than go to rehab, I decided, ironically, this was my calling.
At the same time,  I “left” my career in the music industry, I also decided to finally dust off my art degree and start making things that would go with the plants and voila! - ‘& more’ (handmade planters and arrangements)
Being an addiction, I clearly have too many of everything, and here’s where you come in…help keep me off of Hoarders, AND save some plants from getting to… Death’s Door.
Just look at it like you’re saving plants from an untimely demise, while also enabling my addiction. It’s a win win.